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Conservatives Argue that Legalized Abortion Encourages Illegal Immigration

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Are they serious?

Evidently yes. Some Missouri Congresspersons have declared that abortion is to blame for illegal immigration and have signed a committee report to that effect. They argue that the number of women getting abortions since its legalization has decreased the labor supply, and therefore undocumented persons are encouraged to cross borders illegally to fill the demand for labor in the U.S. market.

Anti-Choice, Anti-Immigration: The Link

It is clear that this committee report is not supported by other members of the Missouri Congress as they have called the statement as “ridiculous.” And we agree. So why should we as Latinas acknowledge such statements? Because it is also clear that those individuals who support an anti-choice agenda are the same individuals who encourage anti-immigrant sentiments in the public dialogue.

Attack on Latinas? YES.

As women, our right to choose an abortion is being threatened on the basis of curbing illegal immigration. As Latinas, our valuable economic, social and cultural role as immigrants or descendants of immigrants in the U.S. is being put in jeopardy allegedly to “increase” the U.S. labor supply. The U.S. labor supply is not damaged by a woman’s right to choose or by immigrants entering the country. Rather, immigration improves our economy, because immigrants fill gaps in the market that are not being filled by other U.S. workers.

Connecting the dots…..or rather, dis-connecting the dots on illegal immigration

The questions that should be asked are: Does my right to choose have any connection at all?

1) ….to U.S. trade and agricultural policies that wreak havoc on the economies and livelihoods of foreign nations and their citizens, forcing people to migrate?

2) …..on whether or not a U.S. worker wants to be a domestic worker, an agricultural worker, a construction worker, an emergency room doctor, a bilingual teacher or a social worker, all professions that U.S. workers are not filling?

3) ….to some members of big business and industry paying workers below minimum wage?

4) ….with a visa system that separates families for long periods of time or only selects a few individuals each year to work in a guest worker program or some other form of work visa program?

What is your answer? Let your legislator know.