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Anti-Choice Amendments Threaten Latinas Health and Safety

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Statement from the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

Women, particularly Latinas, suffer tremendously under the current health care system and the ban on funding for comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion. In fact, one in four women living in poverty who want to choose abortion can’t because politicians prevent federal tax dollars from covering the procedure.   

 The National Latina Institute knows very well the devastating impact of making abortion elusive for those who can’t pay with personal funds.  Latinas are among the poorest in this country, and tend to lack access to health insurance in higher numbers than other groups.  The lessons learned from the last three decades of misguided federal policy on abortion is that creating a two-tier system of access to health care is unfair, punitive, and harmful.
At a time of economic crisis and while the nation is struggling to reform its broken health care system, Congress continues to substitute ideology for reasonable healthcare policy at the expense of women and families.  Amendments, such as those proposed by Representatives Ellsworth and Stupak, only serve to marginalize abortion services and ignore reality by treating abortion care as a moral debate instead of a health care need.
The National Latina Institute is calling on all women, particularly women of color, to contact Congress and voice support for expanded reproductive health care, not the status quo or, worse, more restrictions to access. Our hope is that Congress will finally understand what most Americans already appreciate: Pregnancy and parenthood are not political issues; they are personal decisions that families should make for themselves.