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Soy Poderosa

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Soy Poderosa (I Am Powerful): A civic engagement campaign created to engage, organize, and lift the voices of the Latina/x community, regardless of im/migration status and ability to vote, as we continue to mobilize a broad constituency in support of reproductive justice and work across movements to create sustainable change.

Soy Poderosa encompasses all of our civic engagement work around the country. Utilizing various grassroots advocacy strategies, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice aims to:

  • Build a pipeline of Latina/x leaders
  • Create mechanisms to organize and mobilize Latinas/xs
  • Provide skills, education, and training for Latinas/xs to become local and national spokespersons
  • Bridge the gap between Latinas/xs and decision makers
  • Elevate Latina/x voices and stories within the national public discourse

Grassroots Advocacy is advocacy carried out by concerned community members who see the importance of change through collective action. This process is one by which everyday people help shape public policy and make change in their communities through their organized intervention in the political process.

Community Organizing is the process of creating long lasting change in communities by building relationships and identifying common interests amongst community members for collective action. Building relationships and trust is at the center of community organizing. Organizing is an investment that is made in a community for the long haul, and remains consistent regardless of any short-term campaign goals.

Community Mobilization refers to collective action that is taken by the community or a group of people after they have been organized. The action of mobilization is a direct result of the community being organized around common interests and issues, and the understanding that true change can occur when collective action takes place.

Integrated Voter Engagement is the process by which an organization integrates voter mobilization, civic engagement, voter education, issues-based organizing (on non-partisan issues), and advocacy in order to build power on a local, state and/or national level.

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