2018 National Poll on Latina/o Views on Contraception & Abortion Care

2018 National Poll on Latina/o Views on Contraception & Abortion Care


Since 2014, the Latina Institute has been working with nonpartisan polling and research firm PerryUndem Research/Communication that explores Latina/o voters’ views and experiences toward reproductive health care. For us, these polls are an important step in depicting an accurate representation of the opinions, experiences, barriers and realities that Latinas/xs, our families and communities face on a daily basis.

This year's poll focuses specifically on Latina/o voters views on contraception and abortion care. At a time of unprecedented attacks against basic reproductive health care, emerging out of a vicious battle over a Supreme Court nominee with reported cases of sexual assault against him, and with the impending midterm elections upon us, this poll seeks to shine a light into Latina/o voters’ attitudes, needs, and barriers to accessing these essential services.

The results herein confirm what our daily work in these communities has taught us over the years: basic reproductive health care, including contraception and abortion care, is vital to the ability of Latinas/xs to create better outcomes for their future and that of their families. Denial of these services will be a highly detrimental barrier to care for a community that already has little access to health services.

Reproductive justice will be attained when all people have the economic, social, and political power and means to make decisions about their bodies, sexuality, health, and family, with dignity and self-determination.

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